ESPACE meeting (ERE)

ESPACE meeting


These are meetings, scientific exchanges and training sessions organised throughout the UMR, lasting from one hour to one day. They are usually held by videoconference. They may include :

  • Training seminars that are not specific to one area; for example, training courses on data (geo)visualisation, 3D modelling, scientific integrity, data management plans, etc.
  • Conferences to discover a theme or a new angle of questioning. These will take place in collaboration with French and foreign researchers and lecturers, but can also be given by professionals from the public or private sectors.
  • Reports on completed research projects carried out by the UMR ESPACE
  • Young researchers’ seminars at which ESPACE doctoral students, whatever their level of advancement, as well as Masters students, post-docs, ATERs and new recruits, present their work, their scientific questions, their projects, their skills and so on. These seminars, which were set up during the last five-year period, are particularly important in terms of internal communication and shared knowledge of the work carried out or in progress within the UMR.



Les doctorants, Cyrille GENRE-GRANDPIERRE