Climate change, water, vegetation, risk

Climate change, water, vegetation, risk


The increase in temperatures and related changes in rainfall patterns over the recent decades are strongly changing the availability of water resources in drought-prone areas, especially in Mediterranean regions. Climate change (CC) and its effects on water resources have wide-ranging impacts on environmental systems, and they also generate threats and risks. However, the uncertainties surrounding the climate scenarios and their potential impacts leave stakeholders unable to clearly address the complexity of how CC affects water resources, and the consequences. It is therefore difficult for them to anticipate and propose relevant strategies and policies to reduce or adapt to the risks.

In this context, the “Climate Change, Water, Vegetation, Risks” research group aims to develop research into the monitoring of CC, the characterization of its impacts, the identification of vulnerable areas, and the assessment of their adaptive capacity and resilience. The group will study both the occurrence and the perception of CC risks, and contribute to the discussion on how territories may evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of their current crisis management policies.

To reach our objectives, new methodological challenges will be addressed. We will focus on methods for measuring CC and its impacts, by aggregating or disaggregating spatial data, but also characterizing and modeling plant species distributions, analyzing the temporal effects of rainfall surpluses/deficits, modeling territorial systems and assessing their adaptation. Methodological challenges also concern surveys for evaluating the effectiveness of experiments, as part of adapting current risk prevention and reduction policies.


Nicolas VIAUX, Matthieu VIGNAL, Pierre-Alain AYRAL